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EMC DES-6332 practice test questions q1-q13 for free

A VxRail administrator wants to search for VxRail related knowledge base articles through the VxRail Manager user
Which action must the administrator perform to use this feature?
A. Register for a VxRail Community login and set the credentials in VxRail Manager
B. Work with Dell EMC to register the VxRail appliance in the Install Database
C. Set the Dell EMC Support username and password in VxRail Manager
D. Configure proxy settings in VxRail Manager for access to the Internet
Correct Answer: A

AVxRail administrator needs to add storage capacity to a 4-nodeVxRail E Series cluster Each node currently has one
cache and four capacity disks. What does the administrator need to order, per node, to fully populate the available disk
A. 1 cache and 5 capacity disks
B. 5 capacity disks
C. 1 cache and 4 capacity disks
D. 1 capacity disk
Correct Answer: A

Dell EMC VxRail All-Flash nodes have been deployed in a Stretched Cluster configuration A storage policy has been
configured with:
PFTT = 1
SFTT = 0
FTM = Default
What protection will a VMDK have with this storage policy?
RAID 1 cross-site RAID 5 locally
No cross-site protection RAID 1 locally
RAID 1 cross-site RAID 1 locally
RAID 1 cross-site No local protection
Correct Answer: A

In a VxRail appliance, what does vSAN use in the form of flexible data containers to store and manage data?
A. Datastores
B. nodes
C. Objects
D. Logical volumes
Correct Answer: C

A user of VxRail Manager wants to investigate Storage IOPS for a node.
Which tab should they use1?
A. Health > Physical > Node
B. Health > Physical > Cluster
C. Health > Logical > Cluster
D. Health > Logical > Node
Correct Answer: C

What is a consideration when planning for node expansion of an existing 4-node All-Flash Dell EMC VxRail 4 5 2xx
A. vSphere Web Client is used to perform the expansion procedure
B. New nodes can be hybrid or All-Flash
C. New nodes must be identical to the existing nodes
D. Expansion procedure is performed by Dell EMC or a Dell EMC partner
Correct Answer: D

A VxRail administrator has been asked to configure fault domains for an All-Flash VxRail cluster The application VMs
must be able to tolerate two failures and use capacity as efficiently as possible. What is the minimum number of fault
domains that must be configured?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7
Correct Answer: C

A user has three G Series nodes in a VxRail cluster They are planning to add five additional G Series nodes. How much
additional rack space is required to accommodate the new nodes?
A. 1U
B. 2U
C. 5U
D. 10U
Correct Answer: A

Which software-defined storage is used by VxRail?
A. VMwareWols
B. Dell EMC FlexOS
C. Dell EMC ScalelO
D. VMware vSAN
Correct Answer: D

What VxRail Manager activities can be performed by a user with the VMware Administrator role\\’?
A. Build. Manage, Expand, and Shutdown Cluster only
B. Build. Manage, and Expand Cluster Manage HA. DRS, and vSAN settings
C. Build. Manage, and Expand Cluster only
D. Build. Manage, Expand, and Shutdown Cluster Manage vSAN settings
Correct Answer: B

AVxRail administrator has been informed by Dell EMC that an Internet software upgrade is available for their VxRail
cluster The administrator logs into VxRail Manager VxRail Manager shows only the Local Upgrade option and not the
Internet Upgrade option.
What is a possible reason?
A. The VxRail Manager user has insufficient privileges
B. Workstation accessing VxRail Manager does not have Internet connectivity
C. Secure Remote Services has not been enabled
D. VxRail Manager VM does not have Internet connectivity
Correct Answer: B

You are planning to install CloudArray Virtual Edition. Where should you navigate to in VxRail Manager?
A. Config > System
B. Config > General
C. Support > Download
D. Config > Market
Correct Answer: B

What is the minimum number of nodes required to build a VxRail 4 5 cluster?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Correct Answer: D

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