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Dell certification DES-6321 practice test questions q1-q13 for free

An existing Dell EMC customer wants to deploy a new VxRail cluster on premise. Each node of the new cluster will be
configured with a single disk group containing one 1.6 TB Flash drive for the capacity tier. The customer plans on using
mirroring and needs to have at least 2 TB of usable capacity in the vSAN datastore.
What is the minimum number of VxRail nodes required?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Correct Answer: A

What software component is part of the VxRail Operations and Management Stack?
A. VMware vCenter
B. vRealize Automation
C. Secure Remote Services
D. vRealize Operations
Correct Answer: A

What is a characteristic of vSAN Erasure Coding?
A. Used for Garbage Collectionon all-flash VxRail clusters
B. Is a DoD certified individual drive cleaning tool to facilitate drive replacement
C. Used to securely erase vSAN storage to facilitate node replacement
D. Is a Raid 5/6-like storage policy
Correct Answer: D

A system administrator wants to generate and download a log bundle from their VxRail environment. What is the correct
sequence of the REST API calls accomplish this?

DES-6321 exam questions-q4

A VxRail solution will be deployed with the embedded vCenter and Log Insight Prior to deployment, DNS records must
be created for which entities?
A. vCenter Server, Platform Services Controller, ESXi hosts, VxRail Manager Log Insight, and iDRAC.
B. vCenter Server, Platform Services Controller, ESXi hosts. VxRail Manager, and Log Insight only
C. ESXi Hosts, VxRail Manager, Log Insight, and iDRAC only
D. vCenter Server, ESXi hosts VxRail Manager, and Log Insight only
Correct Answer: D

Your customer wants to utilize non-contiguous hostnames and IP addresses.
What option should you select in the VxRail First Run Wizard?
A. Advanced
B. Expert
C. Custom
D. Detailed
Correct Answer: D

You have been asked to install a 7 node VxRail single socket 1 GbE G Series cluster. The company has requested
remote KVM support. How many RJ45 cables will be required?
A. 14
B. 21
C. 28
D. 35
Correct Answer: A

A VxRail Stretched Cluster deployment will have E560F node. The Cluster must allow local protection with both erasure
coding options at either site. What is the minimum node configuration?
A. 3+3 nodes
B. 4+4 nodes
C. 6+6 nodes
D. 8+8 nodes
Correct Answer: B

When validating the VxRail health just after the VxRail initial configuration, there is a red exclamation mark on the
MARVIN-Virtual-SAN-Cluster and the reported health alarm is `Component metadata health\\’. A “Retest” action in the
health service panel is performed and all the nodes in the cluster show health status as failed with the invalid state.
Investigation does not reveal any hardware issues with the disks in use by vSAN. What action should be taken next?
A. Wait 24 hours, then click the “Retest” button again
B. Apply the vSphere ESXi600-201611001 patch, then click the “Retest” button again
C. Evacuate and destroy the disk/disk group that contains the component(s) reporting errors and clear the alarm
D. Reapply the MARVIN storage policy to the VxRail internal virtual machines
Correct Answer: D

Which method can be used to reset a VxRail V Series node?
A. Rapid Appliance Self Recovery
B. Bootable ISO Image
C. Mobile Build Server
D. Reset Script
Correct Answer: D

A failure occurs during the deployment of a VxRail cluster. You need to look through the marvin.log file to see what
could be causing the error. Where is this file located?
A. var/log/vmware/marvin
B. var/log/vmware
C. var/log/vmware/marvin/tomcat/logs
D. var/log/mystic
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.javydekoning.com/vxrail-monitoring-managing/

You are designing a VxRail Stretched Cluster for a company with two datacenters. The primary datacenter will host all
the workloads; the secondary datacenter will be for disaster recovery.
Where should you host the witness virtual appliance?
A. Both datacenters
B. Secondary datacenter only
C. Primary datacenter only
D. Cloud
Correct Answer: B

A company intends to deploy VxRail with support for GPU cards. Which type of VxRail nodes should be
A. E Series
B. V Series
C. G Series
D. P Series
Correct Answer: B

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