DES-6322 Exam Dumps [Latest] Specialist – Implementation Engineer-VxRail Exam Material

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Do you really know about the DES-6322 exam?

The EMC DES-6322 exam or Specialist-Implementation Engineer-VxRail exam.

It is divided into two parts:

Part 1:

You need to answer about 54 questions in 90 minutes and score 63%.

Part 2:

You need to participate in 6 simulations over a 30-minute period with a passing score of 67%.

Pass both parts of the exam to pass.

How can I obtain DCS-IE certification?

To complete the requirements for this certification, you must:

  1. Earn one of the following Assistant level certifications
    • Associate – Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud version 2.0
    • Associate – Cloud Infrastructure and Services version 3.0
    • Associate – Cloud Infrastructure and Services Version 4.0
  2. Pass the exam:
    DES-6322 Specialist – Implementation Engineer-VxRail Exam

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[Latest] DES-6322 Exam Questions Answers Free

1. Which VxRail Series is designed to support a VDI environment and requires a GPU card in each host?

A. S Series
B. V Series
C. G Series
D. P Series

Correct Answer: A


2. An implementation engineer is expanding an existing VxRail S Series cluster with an additional node. The version of the node is not at the current cluster level but is compatible. What procedure would result in the quickest node addition?

A. RASR Factory Image Upgrade
B. Factory Reset
C. VxRail Node Imaging Management
D. Compute node expansion

Correct Answer: D


3. An implementation engineer is deploying a VxRail cluster with the VxRail Deployment Wizard. Which user accounts must be defined for VxRail Manager?

A. VxRail Manager root account vCenter service account
B. vCenter root account VxRail Manager service account
C. VxRail Manager service account vCenter service account
D. VxRail Manager root account VxRail Manager service account

Correct Answer: D

4. DRAG DROP Match each VxRail configuration with its related characteristic.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

5. How must node ports on Dell EMC ToR switches be configured when the Spanning Tree Protocol is enabled in an environment?

A. In Port-Channel mode
B. In Forwarding status
C. As edge ports
D. As access ports

Correct Answer: C


6. How should an administrator manually validate the DNS readiness of a customer network?

A. Run a traceroute to the DNS server
B. Generate a Network PEQ
C. Ping is the default gateway of the management VLAN
D. Run nslookup on server FQDN and IP

Correct Answer: A

7. What code is returned when a VxRail API request is executed successfully?

A. 200
B. 207
C. 400
D. 500

Correct Answer: A


8. What is the minimum number of VxRail nodes required for a vSAN storage policy with RAID-6 (Erasure Coding)?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Correct Answer: C


9. A systems engineer is tasked to configure a VxRail cluster and notices that the VxRail Deployment Wizard fails to launch. The engineer discovers that the software is corrupted. What should the engineer do to address the issue?

A. Use the VMware Host Client and iDRAC to access the nodes for troubleshooting
B. Verify that the JSON file is not corrupted and has all the required values
C. Return the nodes to the original build state
D. Check vCenter and troubleshoot the build failure

Correct Answer: C

10. Which VxRail model can only be installed with static rack rails?

A. D Series
B. P Series
C. G Series
D. S Series

Correct Answer: C

Reference: (p.124)

11. A systems engineer is deploying a VxRail cluster. They want to ensure that configuration issues can be avoided when expanding this cluster. Which actions need to be performed?

A. Verify VxRail nodes are racked and connected to the ToR switches Validate the network environment
B. Validate that no pending and unfinished jobs are running on the servers Verify that the server and storage components are working properly
C. Validate that the latest updates and patches are installed in the system Validate that no pending and unfinished jobs are running on the servers
D. Verify the configuration settings initially captured in PEQ Validate the storage environment

Correct Answer: C

12. A VxRail cluster environment is managed by the internal vCenter Server. An implementation engineer plans to deploy a new VxRail cluster using the existing vCenter Server instance, then use the customer-supplied VDS to manage both VxRail clusters. What must be done?

A. Migrate the internal vCenter Server to an external vCenter Server, then merge the PSC
B. Upgrade the VxRail version from to 7.0.000
C. Migrate the internal vCenter Server to an external vCenter Server, then upgrade the VxRail to 7.0.100
D. Upgrade the internal vCenter Server to version 7.0

Correct Answer: B

13. What is a consideration when implementing a custom VDS on a VxRail cluster?

A. Used by multiple clusters managed by a single vCenter instance
B. Supported with external and internal vCenter Servers
C. Supports only four NIC uplinks
D. Supports only two NIC uplinks

Correct Answer: B

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