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The DES-1423 exam also has another called the Specialist Implementation Engineer Isilon Solutions exam. This exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerScale (DCS-IE) track.

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  • PowerScale Concepts (ES131STG01028)
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Free EMC DES-1423 Exam Questions [2022.8]

1. What are the main functions(s) of the Automatic Replacement Recognition (ARR) feature?

A. Updates the new drive firmware and adds it to the cluster.
B. Formats the new drive and adds it to the cluster.
C. Formats the drive, adds it to the cluster and updates the drive firmware.
D. Replaces the new drive support package in the cluster.

Correct Answer: C


2. DRAG DROP What is the correct sequence of actions performed by OneFS to generate an access token?

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

3. You have just completed an upgrade from OneFS to 8.2.0 but have not committed the upgrade. How many days will pass before you are prompted to commit the upgrade in the WebUI?

A. 5
B. 7
C. 10
D. 14

Correct Answer: C

Reference: (9)

4. A user has recently left the company. After two weeks, the Isilon administrator receives a request to provide some files from the user\\’s directory called \ifs\user\John_Doe\development. The administrator then discovers that the required files have been deleted, but a snapshot of the directory is available.
After restoring the files from the snapshot, which additional step is necessary to access the files?

A. Restored files need to be copied from the .snapshot directory to the .restore directory.
B. Permissions of the restored files need to be changed.
C. Restored files need to be copied from the .restore directory to the user directory.
D. Permissions of the user directory need to be changed.

Correct Answer: B


5. A Job Engine is running in low space mode and no jobs are in the running state. What is the OneFS8.2 behavior if the AutoBalance job is initiated?

A. Job is started.
B. Job is failed.
C. Job is put into the queue.
D. Job is not started.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: (24)

6. How many Active Directory provider instances can be configured per access zone?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Correct Answer: A


7. What defines FEC link aggregation mode?

A. Switches to the next interface when the primary interface becomes unavailable.
B. Balances outgoing traffic based on hashed protocol header information that includes source and destination addresses, and VLAN tag.
C. Balances outgoing traffic based on hashed protocol header information that includes source and destination addresses.
D. Balances outbound traffic across all active ports in the aggregated link.

Correct Answer: B


8. A systems administrator must ensure that an IP address never becomes unavailable, even if a node goes offline. What needs to be configured on SmartConnect?

A. Dynamic Allocation
B. Static Allocation
C. Connection Count
D. Round Robin

Correct Answer: B


9. In an Isilon Gen 5 environment, what is the maximum number of data stripes for the N+3d:1n1d protection level?

A. 15
B. 16
C. 18
D. 20

Correct Answer: B


10. Which command provides cluster statistics including the protocol, disk input, and disk output?

A. isi statistics client
B. isi statistics system
C. isi statistics drive
D. isi statistics protocol

Correct Answer: B


11. An Isilon cluster has ten A200 nodes and the node pool data protection level is set to N+2. The data access pattern is currently set to streaming. If the data access pattern is changed to concurrency, how many stripes for a 1 MB file are moved to the other drive(s)?

A. 0
B. 2
C. 4
D. 6

Correct Answer: B

12. Which command shows the node running as the job coordinator?

A. isi job statistics
B. isi job status
C. isi job status -v
D. isi job statistics view -v

Correct Answer: C


13. A company has a 4-node Isilon H600 cluster dedicated to a high-performance workflow. The administrator wants to convert their cluster SSD strategy from the L3 cache to use the SSDs for metadata acceleration. What should be considered?

A. Migration of data and metadata from the SSDs to HDDs can take hours.
B. Once enabled, the L3 cache cannot be disabled without support assistance.
C. Converting to use SSDs for metadata acceleration turns off prefetching.
D. Deselecting L3 cache for an SSD strategy has no impact on the workflow.

Correct Answer: C

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