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Question 1:

Sales reps are supposed to create a record on a child object of Opportunities called Survey Request when an Opportunity is moved to Closed Won. The VP of Sales Operations has indicated that this doesn\’t always happen or the rep doesn\’t

populate all fields correctly. The system administrator has been asked to remove permissions from Sales to create these records and automate record creation.

Which tool should be used?

A. Workflow

B. Approvals

C. Visual Flow

D. Process Builder

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to encourage employees to choose secure and appropriate passwords for their Salesforce accounts. Which three password policies should an administrator configure? Choose 3 answers

A. Maximum invalid login attempts

B. Prohibited password values

C. Require use of Password Manager App

D. Password complexity requirements

E. Number of days until expiration

Correct Answer: ADE

Question 3:

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to use Contact Hierarchy in its org to display Contact association.

What should the administrator take into consideration regarding the Contact Hierarchy?

A. Contacts displayed in the Contact Hierarchy are limited to record-level access by the user.

B. Contact Hierarchy is limited to only displaying 3,000 contacts at one time.

C. Customizing hierarchy columns changes the Recently Viewed Contacts list view.

D. Sharing settings are ignored by contacts displayed in the Contact Hierarchy.

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

Cloud Kicks users are seeing error messages when they use one of their screen flows. The error messages are confusing but could be resolved if the users entered more information on the account before starting the flow.

How should the administrator address this issue?

A. Remove validation rules so that the users are able to process without complete records.

B. Create a permission set to allow users to bypass the error.

C. use a fault connector and display a screen with text explaining what went wrong and how to correct it.

D. Uncheck the end user Flow Errors box in setup.

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

What are the two main parts of WF?

A. Actions and Time triggers

B. Rules and Actions

C. Email Alerts and Field updates

D. Rules and Tasks

Correct Answer: B

Question 6:

HOW Can an administrator capture custom lead data on the converted contact when converting a lead?

A. Use the lead conversion wizard to select the fields.

B. Map custom lead fields to standard contact fields.

C. Map custom lead fields to custom contact fields.

D. Use the data loader to move the custom lead data.

Correct Answer: C

Question 7:

In a private sharing model, the following can be used when Role Hierarchy alone isn’t sufficient when providing record access to users (choose all that apply)

A. Forecasting

B. Sharing rules

C. Manual Sharing

D. Teams (Account, Sales, and Case)

E. Apex Triggers

Correct Answer: BCD

Question 8:

Folders are used to organize the following (choose all that apply)

A. Dashboards

B. Reports

C. Documents

D. Email templates

E. All of the above

F. None of the above

Correct Answer: E

Question 9:

Ursa Major Solar has a million new Account records to upload into Salesforce. What is the recommended method for uploading this data?

A. Request help from Salesforce.

B. Utilize the Data Leader.

C. Utilize the Data Import Wizard.

D. Utilize an AppExchange app

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

Which of the following are not controlled by the Page layouts?

A. Custom Fields

B. Sections

C. Related List

D. Custom Button

E. Validation Rule Error message

Correct Answer: E

Question 11:

The size limit for documents uploaded is:

A. 1 Megabyte

B. 3 Megabyte

C. 5 Megabyte

D. 25 Megabyte

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

Which of the following is an automated process your organization can use to approve records in Salesforce.com?

A. Validation Process

B. Approval Process

C. Workflow Rules

D. Record Types

Correct Answer: B

Question 13:

Lead assignment rules assign leads to owners and queues based on the criteria the system admin specifies within the rule.

A. True B. False

Correct Answer: A

Question 14:

Universal Containers is using lead assignment rules and record types. The sales team has the record type \’Corporate Leads\’ assigned as their default record type. The sales team has reported that Leads assigned to them are assigned to a different record type. They have requested to have all Leads assigned to them be assigned to the \’Corporate Leads\’ record type.

How should an administrator configure the sales team\’s requests \’

A. Select require validation for converted Leads in Lead conversion settings.

B. Select Keep the existing record type in Lead conversion settings.

C. Select preserve lead status in Lead conversion settings.

D. Select override the existing record type with the assignee\’s default record type in Lead conversion settings.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://trailblazer.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000kS8kAAE

Question 15:

In order to update records using the Data Loader, what field must be present in the CSV file?

A. Owner

B. Salesforce ID

C. Record Owner

D. Object Name

Correct Answer: B

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