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 DES-6332 Dumps New

Best Dell DES-6332 Exam Solutions

— Pass4itSure DES-6332 Dumps New

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1. What is a network consideration for VxRail version 4.5.x?

A. IPv6 Multicast is not required
B. IPv4 Multicast is required
C. IPv4 Multicast and IPv6 Multicast are required
D. IPv4 Multicast is not required

Correct Answer: B

2. You are planning to install CloudArray Virtual Edition. Where should you navigate to in VxRail Manager?

A. Config > System
B. Config > General
C. Support > Download
D. Config > Market

Correct Answer: C

3. A customer wants to manage multiple VxRail clusters from one vSphere client instance. They would like to avoid purchasing additional licensing. Which option meets the customer’s needs?

A. multiple VxRail clusters using Enhanced Linked Mode
B. multiple VxRail clusters using CloudIQ.
C. multiple VxRail clusters using a single external vCenter
D. multiple VxRail clusters using SaaS multi-cluster management

Correct Answer: B

4. What is required to set up vSAN HCI Mesh?

A. Latency of 5ms and bandwidth of 25 GB
B. Latency of 10ms and bandwidth of 10 GB
C. vSAN Advanced License and bandwidth of 25 GB
D. vSAN Enterprise License and 1 GB Networking

Correct Answer: A

5. A company is planning to deploy VxRail and implement a big data analytics solution with these requirements: Supports both all-flash and all NVMe nodes Support in-memory intensive database applications Configurable with 4 Intel Xeon scalable processor
Which VxRail model is recommended based on the deployment requirements?

A. S Series
B. G Series
C. D Series
D. P Series

Correct Answer: D

6. Which software-defined storage is used by VxRail?

A. VMware VVols
B. Dell EMC FlexOS
C. Dell EMC ScalelO
D. VMware vSAN

Correct Answer: D

7. What VxRail management features does iDRAC include?

A. Remote console, securing connectivity, and upgrade prechecks
B. Automated lifecycle management, remote console, and collecting support logs
C. Remote console, power management, and firmware updates
D. Firmware updates, upgrade post checks, and automated lifecycle management

Correct Answer: D

8. You are a VxRail system administrator and have received an email alert that power on the VxRail has occurred. You contact Dell EMC Support and they ask you to run VxRail system diagnostics and send them a log.
Under which tab in VxRail Manager can you find the appropriate Diagnostics button?

A. System Diagnostic
B. System Health
C. Config Health
D. Config General

Correct Answer: D

9. What authorization method is used for VxRail API calls?

A. API Keys
B. OAuth
C. OpenID Connect
D. HTTP Basic

Correct Answer: D

10. An administrator attempts to add an S Series node to a Gen 2 VxRail cluster and the build fails. What is a possible reason for this failure?

A. IP address pool has no more free addresses
B. Hybrid and Flash nodes cannot be mixed in the same cluster
C. Quanta and Dell nodes cannot be mixed in the same cluster
D. Loudmouth process needs to be restarted

Correct Answer: B

11. What is a consideration when expanding a vSAN disk group in a VxRail cluster?

A. vSAN licensing must be applied to the VxRail cluster
B. vSAN performance will be negatively impacted during expansion
C. Deduplication and compression must be disabled for the disk group
D. At least one capacity disk must be added along with a cache disk

Correct Answer: D

12. Which resource should an administrator use when beginning a VxRail cluster design?

A. VxRail Quick Reference List
B. VxRail Administrator Guide
C. VMware documentation
D. VxRail Network Planning Guide

Correct Answer: C

13. Which software component is used to collect real-time log activity for VxRail?

A. Platform Services Controller
B. vRealize Log Insight
C. vCenter
D. VxRail Manager

Correct Answer: B

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