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Two RDF groups from two PowerMax arrays have been added to a Consistency Group SRDF/A Multi-Session Consistency has been enabled for the Consistency Group. The RDF daemon has been started on a single host that has access to both the PowerMax arrays. What will happen if the host becomes unavailable?

A. Cycle switching will stop
B. RDF links will be suspended immediately
C. SRDF pair state will become Partitioned
D. SRDF mode will change to Adaptive Copy Disk

Correct Answer: C

Which command is used to change the CPU resource distribution for SRDF modes?

A. symqos
B. symconfigure
C. symrdf
D. symcfg

Correct Answer: D

An administrator is managing two PowerMax arrays that are located in two different data centers. The data centers are 550 km apart and are connected by a high bandwidth network link. The administrator wants to replicate data between the two arrays and achieve the lowest RPO. When using SRDF. which mode meets this requirement?

A. Asynchronous
B. Adaptive Copy
C. Metro
D. Synchronous

Correct Answer: C

A systems administrator is performing a configuration change on a PowerMax array. Where does the configuration manager perform the change?

A. Host which performs the change
C. Disk drives

Correct Answer: B

Which Solutions Enabler daemon is responsible for Oatekeeper management?

A. storapid
B. storsrvd
C. storslpd
D. storgnsd

Correct Answer: C

A systems administrator has decommissioned a host with two devices allocated to it. What must the administrator do prior to deleting the devices?

A. Remove the device attribute
B. Unmap from the front-end ports
C. Remove the Storage Group
D. Delete the Initiators

Correct Answer: C

What are the maximum number of supported cascaded Storage Group levels in PowerMax and VMAX Family arrays?

A. 1
B. 4
C. 16
D. 64

Correct Answer: D


You have just presented storage to an ESXi server and want to rescan the storage adapter to ensure the server can see the new volume Based on recommended best practices, what is the preferred method to perform this task?

A. Use the vSphere VSI plugin to rescan the entire cluster
B. Run the command from a non-cluster host using the ESX CLI
C. Use the vSphere Client to perform the rescan of the host
D. Run the command from the ESXi server with the ESX CLI enabled

Correct Answer: A

An array has reached its capacity m the Storage Resource Pool (SRP). What is the function of the SRP Reserved Capacity?

A. Accommodate new host writes
B. Accommodate SRDF/A delta sets
C. Provide space for snapshot deltas
D. Provide space for snapshot copies

Correct Answer: B

What is the correct sequence of steps to obtain PowerMax licenses and ensure the PowerMax is configured to allow the licensed features to work properly?

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

In PowerMax VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 which thin provisioning component can be changed with SYMCLI or Unisphere?

A. Storage Resource Pool
B. Disk Group
C. Storage Group
D. Virtual Provisioning Pool

Correct Answer: A

Does a systems administrator plan to use Non-Disruptive Migration (NDM) to migrate data from a VMAX array running Enginuity 5876 to a PowerMax running PowerMaxOS 5978 Which NDM mode will be used?

A. Metro-based
B. Adaptive Copy
C. Asynchronous
D. Pass-through

Correct Answer: A support/h17133-non-disruptive-migration-bestpractices-and-operational-guide.pdf

What is a recommendation when using Open Replicator to migrate data from a supported third-party array to a VMAX3 array?

A. Host I/O to the control devices on the VMAX3 array is allowed after the migration completes
B. Control devices on the VMAX3 array must be set to Not Ready for the duration of the migration
C. Host I/O to the remote devices on the third-party array can continue during the migration
D. Host I/O to the remote devices on the third-party array should be stopped for the duration of the migration

Correct Answer: D


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