DES-4122 Dumps Specialist – Implementation Engineer PowerEdge Version 2.0 [Updated] Valid For Exam

The DES-4121 exam that supports the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge Version 1.0
Certification has been discontinued and replaced with the new EMC DES-4122 exam. Passing the exam is a long way to go and you need to update the EMC DES-4122 dumps as preparation materials for study.

Pass4itSure’s updated DES-4122 dumps will help you prepare for the real exam and ultimately get you DCS-IE certified.

DES-4122 Dumps [Updated 2022]:

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1. What is used by the Lifecycle Controller to directly back up the server profile on a 14G Dell EMC PowerEdge server?

A. Network share
B. vFlash SD card
C. USB Flash drive
D. IDSDM SD card

Correct Answer: A

2. What is a systems management console solution optimized for monitoring and managing Dell enterprise and remote office hardware?

A. SupportAssist Enterprise
B. iSM
C. OpenManage Essentials

Correct Answer: C

Match each status LED indicator on the Dell EMC 14G PowerEdge server with its corresponding condition.

Select and Place:

4. What is the purpose of the Silicon-Based Hardware Root of Trust feature in Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers?

A. Ensures that the installed operating system is authentic
B. Ensures that the server has a valid Service Tag number
C. Ensures that no unauthorized BIOS or firmware codes are run
D. Ensures that the server boots only when connected to a verified network

Correct Answer: C

5. What is the Open Compute Project (OCP) card used for in a Dell EMC PowerEdge server?

A. Flexibility to choose interconnects
B. Fixed networking card
C. Consume a PCIe slot
D. Provide a hot-swap component

Correct Answer: B

6. How can the ePSA be accessed?

B. Lifecycle Controller
C. VMware vSphere plug-in

Correct Answer: A

7. You must configure a BOSS card with 2 x 120GB drives for a Dell EMC PowerEdge server. What is the only supported mode?

D. Non-RAID Mirroring

Correct Answer: A

8. What is required for iDRAC Direct 2.0 to connect with IDRAC9 interfaces such as RACADM and WSMAN?

A. Wi-Fi connection
B. NFC connection
C. Ethernet cable
D. Micro-AB USB

Correct Answer: D

9. DRAG DROP Refer to the exhibit.

Match each callout to the Dell EMC PowerEdge server model shown.
Select and Place:

10. Which card connects to the PCI bus, and is physically smaller than an on the system board of a Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G server?


Correct Answer: C

11. Starting from which Dell EMC PowerEdge server hardware generation is the Micro SD card in the IDSDM/vFlash module supported?

A. 11G
B. 12G
C. 13G
D. 14G

Correct Answer: D

12. What is a requirement to operate GPUs in a Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 server?

A. All GPU cards must be installed at the same time
B. All GPU cards must be of the same type but can be a different model
C. All GPU cards must be of the same type and model
D. All GPU cards must be installed on the same riser card.

Correct Answer: A

13. What is a key distinction between 1DRAC8 and 1DRAC9?

A. iDRAC9 offers HTML5 based GUI
B. iDRAC9 default credentials are root/Calvin orderable only
C. iDRAC8 offers HTML5 based GUI
D. iDRAC8 default credentials are customer orderable

Correct Answer: C

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