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By default, how many simultaneous client connections are supported by an EMC Avamar Virtual Edition server?
A. 8
B. 27
C. 35
D. 72
Correct Answer: A

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The total number of client connections which can be made to the Avamar server will vary according to which operations
are currently running, how the connection is made and the number of data nodes which are online.
Various parameters in the /usr/local/avamar/var/mc/server_data/prefs/mcserver.xml file govern this behavior.
The number of concurrent jobs for the whole grid will not exceed max_current_jobs.

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What does the EMC Avamar deduplication process accomplish?
A. Achieves maximum advantage of disk characteristics
B. Enables platform-independent data objects
C. Ensures that each data object is stored only once
D. Provides data integrity and disaster recovery protection
Correct Answer: C

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What is the maximum number of backups that can be running per Avamar storage node in order for HFS check to
initiate successfully?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Correct Answer: B


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Which document should be approved and available to you at the time of a node addition to a customer\\’s EMC Avamar
A. SVC Qualifier
B. Healthcheck report
C. ConnectEMC (SYR) report
D. Sales order
Correct Answer: A

What is an advantage of the EMC Avamar deduplication technology?
A. Eliminates the backup catalog
B. Improves drive speeds
C. Stores data from different operating systems on the same devices
D. Stores unique sub-file data objects
Correct Answer: A

Which interface is used to start Avamar Client Manager?
A. Enterprise Manager
B. Command Line
C. cron job
D. Avamar Administrator
Correct Answer: A

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What is the recommended command that instructs the EMC Avamar server to redistribute backup data from the most
full nodes to the least full nodes?
A. avmaint config balancemin=2 –avamaronly
B. avmaint config balancemin=0 –avamaronly
C. avmaint config balancemin=1 –avamaronly
D. avmaint config balancemin=100 ?vamaronly
Correct Answer: A

Which feature is available through the Avamar Enterprise Manager, but not available through the Administrator
A. Configuring selective replication
B. Generating reports
C. Viewing policy information
D. Viewing system status information
Correct Answer: A

What is an EMC Avamar best practice when performing an Microsoft Exchange 2003 Message Level restore of an
individual message?
A. Restore to a temporary dedicated folder
B. Restore to the same folder
C. Restore to another Exchange database
D. Restore to a new temporary Exchange database
Correct Answer: A

What are the Avamar 6 install and upgrade rules for Gen1 through Gen4 node technology?
A. Gen4/3 can be installed new or upgraded. Gen2 can be upgraded only. Gen1 cannot be installed new or upgraded.
B. Gen4 can only be installed new. Gen3/2 can be installed new or upgraded. Gen1 cannot be installed new or
C. Gen4 can be installed new or upgraded. Gen3/2/1 can only be upgraded.
D. Gen4 can only be installed new. Gen3/2 can only be upgraded. Gen1 cannot be installed new or upgraded.
Correct Answer: A

A node has failed on a multi-node EMC Avamar grid and is offline. The customer insists on running backups while the
replacement is occurring.
What can you tell the customer about the impact of running backups during a node replacement procedure?
A. Replacement procedure will take significantly longer with backups running
B. Replacement procedure will be unaffected by running backups
C. Replacement procedure cannot continue while backups are running
D. Replacement procedure will take less time with backups running
Correct Answer: A

An administrator has opened the Replication page on Avamar Administrator and is attempting to configure a replication
group. The administrator is unable to create the group.
What is the reason the group could not be created?
A. The replication service was not started on the Avamar server
B. A destination server was not defined by the administrator
C. The storage mapping was not defined on the system
D. The replication software package was not installed on the Avamar system
Correct Answer: B

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