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Latest EMC DES-DD23 Exam Questions And Answers Share


What are the steps to configure the Retention Lock Compliance?

Reference: https://datastorageasean.com/sites/default/files/EMC-data-domain-retention-lock-wp.pdf


What happens to the data when it is moved from the active tier to the cloud tier?
A. It is deduplicated and stored in object storage the native format
B. It is compressed and stored as object storage in a new format
C. It is compressed and stored in block storage in a new format
D. It is deduplicated and stored in a file system in the native format
Correct Answer: A


Which command is used to check if NFS is enabled?
A. NFS enables
B. NFS status
C. NFS show clients
D. system show
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.dell.com/community/Data-Domain/file-systems-on-Data-Domain/td-p/7022440


Which protocol is used for communications between a PowerProtect DD appliance and cloud tier to Dell EMC ECS?
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-pk/000020178/data-domain-import-ssl-root-ca-cert-from-loadbalancer-for-ecs-cloud-tier-and-best-practices


What is the maximum capacity for a DDVE?
A. 64 TB
B. 96 TB
C. 128 TB
D. 256 TB
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/prodview-2x2p43yvgswtm


A backup administrator has enabled the Retention Lock feature on their PowerProtect DD appliance. Over time, the
administrator noticed an increase in file system utilization. Upon further investigation, the administrator discovered
expired files are still present on the appliance. What is the most likely reason for this issue?
A. The time of the file was set below the minimum retention period
B. Retention Lock feature was disabled before the expiration date
C. File system cleaning was disabled
D. Backup application failed to delete the file after expiration
Correct Answer: D


The finance department requires PDFs older than 90 days to be archived through Cloud Tier into Azure Blob Storage.
They want any PDFs older than 180 days archived into AWS S3. Which data movement policy is used to archive files
into Azure Blob Storage?
A. App-driven
B. Age-based
C. Age-range
D. Recall
Correct Answer: B


An administrator is migrating their old cloud tier-enabled Data Domain to a new PowerProtect DD appliance with cloud
tier. During migration, the administrator recognizes that file system cleaning on the source system is not possible. What
is the most likely cause of this behavior?
A. Migration will restrict all activities on source systems.
B. Migration will restrict all activities on both systems.
C. Filesystem is disabled on the source system.
D. Source system is running in restricted mode.
Correct Answer: A


When using the DD VTL Tape Out to Cloud feature, which status will a taped show once it is in the cloud tier vault?
A. Offsite
B. Offline
C. Archived
D. Vaulted
Correct Answer: D


What is a requirement to configure the PowerProtect DD tape out to cloud feature?
A. Two cloud units
B. Cloud Tier Capacity License
C. Tape Out to Cloud License
D. DDVE in the Cloud
Correct Answer: B
DD VTL supports storing the VTL vault on Cloud Tier storage. To use this functionality, the protection system must be a
supported Cloud Tier configuration and have a Cloud Tier license in addition to the VTL license. Reference:


Backup administrators have noticed slow backups on the AIX environment.
To fix the issue, what should the set large_send be for each NIC, and what should the NFS option be set to? A. no and nfs_rfc1323=0
B. yes and nfs_rfc1323=0
C. no and nfs_rfc1323=1
D. yes and nfs_rfc1323=1
Correct Answer: D


What are some key benefits of performing backups and recoveries with a PowerProtect DD appliance?
A. Reduction in the overall size and scope Elimination of physical tape Fewer copies that need to be tracked Increased
speed of disaster recovery
B. Increase in the overall size and scope Elimination of physical tape Fewer copies that need to be tracked Increased
speed of disaster recovery
C. Reduction in the overall size and scope Elimination of physical tape Number of copies that do not need to be tracked
Increased speed of disaster recovery
D. Increase in the overall size and scope Elimination of physical tape Number of copies that do not need to be tracked
Increased speed of disaster recovery
Correct Answer: B


When using CIFS from a PowerProtect DD system, what should be changed on a Windows machine?
A. SMBTimeout to 7200 seconds
B. CIFSTimeout to 3600 seconds
C. SESSTIMEOUT to 7200 seconds
D. SESSTIMEOUT to 3600 seconds
Correct Answer: D

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