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DES-1D12 exam

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Actual DES-1D12 exam dumps

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Dell EMC DES-1D12 exam test


You are designing a Dell EMC PowerStore solution with a customer. They ask if they can populate Slots 0 to 10 with
NVMe SSD drives. What should be your response?

A. Any drive type can be populated in the remaining slots
B. NVMe SSDs must be populated in the remaining empty slots
C. NVMe SCM drives are required in Slots 0 through 10
D. NVMe SCM drives must be populated in the remaining empty slots



You are upgrading a Dell EMC Unity array to a Dell EMC PowerStore 1000 T array. The customer asks what they need
to do so they can map PowerStore snapshots from the new PowerStore array to a host. What should be your

A. Create a volume group of the snapshot.
B. Create a read/write snapshot of the snapshot
C. Create a copy of the snapshot
D. Create a thin clone of the snapshot


How are vVol datastores mounted in Dell EMC PowerStore storage during the creation of vVol datastores in the
vSphere environment shared by ESXi hosts?

A. Volume Groups
B. Storage containers
C. Storage Groups
D. VMFS datastores



Which Dell EMC Midrange storage platforms support NVMe SCM drives?

A. PowerStore T and SC Series only
B. PowerStore T and PowerStore X
C. PowerStore T, Unity XT, and SC Series
D. PowerStore X, Unity XT, and SC Series


What is a characteristic of tenant traffic on a Dell EMC Unity array?

A. Separated by the associated VLANs at the Linux Kernel layer
B. Separated by the associated subnet providing data separation with increased security at the network layer
C. Separated by one associated VLAN providing data separation with increased security at the Linux Kernel layer
D. Separated by the associated subnet at the Linux Kernel layer


What are a characteristic of single-tier Flash on Dell EMC SC Series arrays?

A. Supports both write-intensive and read-intensive SSDs in the same tier
B. Snapshot data is kept on Tier1 in RAID 10 to optimize performance
C. Read-only data is migrated to lower tiers when a snapshot is taken
D. Supports either write-intensive or read-intensive SSDs in the same tier

Reference: (15)


Which QoS options are supported by Dell EMC Unity XT?

A. VMFS Datastore and Storage Pool
B. iSCSI and Attached Snapshot
C. Individual LUN and iSCSI
D. Individual LUN and Group LUN


A customer wants to expand their Dell EMC Unity Hybrid system, which includes a pool of 64 drives in a RAID 5 (4+1)
configuration. What is the minimum number of drives needed to expand the pool?

A. 1
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Reference: (5)


When a remove replication operation is performed on a Dell EMC PowerStore array, what happens to the destination
storage resource?

A. Is deleted
B. Stays in reading/write mode
C. Stays in read-only mode
D. Taken offline



What provides data analytics for Dell EMC Midrange storage?

A. eLab Advisor
B. Unisphere Central
D. CloudIQ



A Dell EMC PowerStore customer wants to schedule snapshots daily at 6 AM. Which snapshot frequency interval (in
minutes) is available?

A. 5
B. 10
C. 20
D. 45

Reference: (27)


To which bus is the Dell EMC Unity 880F DPE connected?

A. 0
B. 49
C. 89
D. 99


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