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Which Dell EMC PowerStore model reserves the last two slots of the base enclosure for NVMe NVRAM?

A. 3000
B. 5000
C. 7000
D. 9000

Reference: (9)


When planning for a Dell EMC PowerStore T implementation, how many IP addresses are required for the storage

A. 2
B. 1
C. 3
D. 4

Reference: (22)


Which option is used when running the journalctl command to query log messages regardless of capitalization?

A. option –casesensitive=YES/NO
B. option -quotes
C. option -ignorecase
D. option –casesensitive=TRUE/FALSE


A Storage Administrator notices two fans in a Dell EMC PowerStore are faulted. What describes the system behavior in
this circumstance?

A. A five-minute timer starts upon the second fan fault and the system shuts down automatically after the timer expires
B. CPU clock speed is reduced by 50% to lower internal temperatures and the system continues normal operations
C. An increased fan speed signal is sent to the surviving fans and the system continues normal operations
D. Upon the second fan fault, all host I/O is terminated immediately and the PowerStore goes through the halt and vault process and shuts down


What is a step in configuring the ToR data switches for a Dell EMC PowerStore X?

A. Configure a port for the discovery laptop
B. Create VLANs for NAS servers
C. Create node A port-channel
D. Configure LACP uplink to management switch



How many fan module failures can a node tolerate?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

Reference: (14)


A Storage Administrator wants to upgrade a two appliance Dell EMC PowerStore cluster. Which Commit options to need
to be chosen to have all appliances upgraded in the last step?

A. Appliance, Cluster
B. Appliance, Appliance
C. Cluster, Appliance
D. Cluster, Cluster


What Dell EMC PowerStore reference provides the user access to the entire set of product documentation, knowledge
base articles, and product warranty and contracts?

A. SolVe Desktop and Online
B. Dell EMC Online Support
C. Dell EMC PowerStore Series Product Page
D. PowerStore Manager in App (Offline) Help


Refer to the exhibit.
A Storage Administrator is troubleshooting a Dell EMC PowerStore T hardware issue. They observe that the base
enclosure LED circled is blue. What does this indicate?

A. Base enclosure hardware is operating normally
B. Base enclosure has a component hardware fault
C. Cluster has only a single appliance
D. Appliance has a node in service mode



How is a defective DIMM displayed in Dell EMC PowerStore Manager?

A. Orange with an empty state
B. Blue with a faulted state
C. Orange with a faulted state
D. Blue with an empty state


Order the NDU operational steps.
Select and Place:

Correct answer:


Which network is used for internal communication?

A. Intra-Cluster Data
B. Intra-Cluster Management
C. NAD Network
D. Inter-Node Network

Correct answer

ACCDBBBCACsee pictureB

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