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Latest effective VMware 2V0-642 Exam Practice Tests

A workload was attached to a logical switch port group in Compute Cluster 1. Users are complaining that they can
communicate with other workloads on that port group in the cluster, but not with other workloads on different networks.pass4itsure 2v0-642 exam question q1

What is the most probable cause?
A. The distributed firewall has a default rule set to deny all.
B. The Distributed Logical Router was not configured on Compute Cluster 1.
C. Compute Cluster 1 is NOT a member of the Transport Zone.
D. An NSX Edge has NOT been deployed into Compute Cluster 1.
Correct Answer: C

A group of users needs secured access to a set of web-based applications in a SDDC. Which VPN option is best suited
for this?
D. Application VPN
Correct Answer: B

Which vSphere network object abstracts the physical network, provides access-level switching in the hypervisor and
enables support for overlay networking?
A. Standard Switch
B. Distributed Port Group
C. Distributed Switch
D. Logical Switch
Correct Answer: C

What are two roles of vmnics? (Choose two.)
A. ESXi hosts reach the physical network through vmnics.
B. Virtual machines require vmnics to communicate with their host.
C. ESXi hosts are segmented using vmnics, also called virtual trunk ports.
D. Virtual machines require vmnics to communicate with physical networks.
Correct Answer: AD

Which three methods can be used by the NSX Distributed Firewall to discover IP addresses? (Choose three.)
A. DHCP Snooping
B. IP Sets
C. Spoofguard configured for Trust on First Use.
D. VMware Tools installed on every guest virtual machine.
E. ARP Snooping
Correct Answer: ADE

What is required before running an Activity Monitoring report?
A. Enable data collection on the NSX Controller.
B. Enable data collection on the vCenter Server.
C. Enable data collection on the NSX Manager.
D. Enable data collection on the virtual machine.
Correct Answer: D

The fact that NSX Data Security has visibility into sensitive data provides which two benefits? (Choose two.)
A. It helps address compliance and risk management requirements.
B. It acts as a forensic tool to analyze TCP and UDP connections between virtual machines.
C. It is able to trace packets between a source and destination without requiring access to the guest OS.
D. It eliminates the typical agent footprint that exists with legacy software agents.
Correct Answer: AB

What is the most restrictive NSX role that can be used to create and publish security policies and install virtual
A. Security Administrator
B. NSX Administrator
C. Auditor
D. Enterprise Administrator
Correct Answer: D

Which NSX routing protocols offers the most flexible policy control when peering with the physical environment?
Correct Answer: A

An administrator has been asked to provide single failure redundancy. What is the minimum supported number of NSX
Controllers needed to meet this requirements?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 1
D. 5
Correct Answer: B

What can be enabled on the vSphere Distributed Switch to monitor IP packets that are passing through a distributed
port group?
A. Traffic Marking
B. TraceFlow
C. Traffic Filtering
D. NetFlow
Correct Answer: D

How is high availability of the NSX Edge Gateway accomplished?
A. HA Application Monitoring on the Edge Gateway sends a heartbeat to the ESXi host.
B. VMware Tools on the Edge Gateway sends a heartbeat to the ESXi host.
C. The Edge appliance sends a heartbeat through an uplink interface.
D. The Edge appliance sends a heartbeat through an internal interface.
Correct Answer: D

An administrator is deploying NSX in a Cross-vCenter configuration across three data centers located 100 miles apart
Datacenter-1 and Datacenter-3 already have NSX deployed locally and Datacenter-2 does not have NSX deployed yet.
What is the correct order of steps to configure all three data centers for this solution?
A. 1. Remove the NSX manager from Datacenter-1 and Datacenter-3.
Reinstall all three NSX managers at the same time.
Deploy a universal transport zone.
Deploy a universal distributed logical router.
B. 1. Deploy an NSX manager at Dataenter-2.
Change the roles of the NSX managers in Datacentar-1 and Datacenter-3 to Transit Mode.
Deploy a universal transport zone.
Configure the Primary and Secondary roles on all three NSX managers.
C. 1. Deploy an NSX manager in Datacenter 2.
Update the NSX manager role in Datacenter-1 to Primary.
Update the roles in Datacenter-2 and Datacentar-3 to Secondary.
Deploy a universal transport zone.
D. 1. Deploy the NSX manager at Datacenter-2.
Update the NSX manager role in Datacenter-1 to Primary.
Deploy a universal transport zone.
Deploy a universal distributed logical router.
Correct Answer: C

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