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A service provider creates a network design that runs MPLS in its WAN backbone using OSPF as the IGP routing protocol. What would be two effects of additionally implementing MPLS-TE? (Choose two.)
A. MPLS-TE is required to reroute traffic within less than 1 second in case of a link failure inside the backbone.
B. MPLS-TE is required to route different MPLS QoS service classes through different paths.
C. MPLS-TE and OSPF cannot be used together inside one MPLS network.
D. MPLS-TE cannot use OSPF for the traffic path calculation.
E. MPLS-TE is required to create backup paths independently from the IGP.
352-001 exam 
Correct Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit.
352-001 dumps

Your junior design engineer presents this configuration design. What is the next-hop router for CE3, and why?
A. CE1. BGP weight is higher than CE2.
B. CE2. EBGP administrative distance is lower than RIP.
C. CE2. The link between CE2 and PE1 has more bandwidth than CE1-to-PE1.
D. CE1. HSRP on CE1 is in active state.
Correct Answer: D

Which two mechanisms ensure that a network design provides fast path failure detection? (Choose two.)
B. fast hello packets
D. IP Cisco Express Forwarding
352-001 dumps 
Correct Answer: AB

In which two ways is a network design improved by the inclusion of IP Event Dampening? (Choose two.)
A. reduces processing load
B. provides sub-second convergence
C. improves network stability
D. prevents routing loops
E. quickly detects network failures
Correct Answer: AC

You are evaluating convergence characteristics of various interior gateway protocols for a new network design. Which technology allows link-state routing protocols to calculate paths to destination prefixes that are functionally similar to feasible successors in Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol?
A. Incremental Shortest Path First
B. Cisco Multiprotocol Label Switching Traffic Engineering Fast Reroute
C. Loop-Free Alternate Fast Reroute
D. partial route calculation
E. Fast-Flooding
352-001 pdf 
Correct Answer: C

You are hired to design a solution that will improve network availability for users on a campus network with routed access. If the budget limits you to three components, which three components would you recommend in your design proposal? (Choose three.)
A. redundant power supplies in the access routers
B. standby route processors for SSO in the core routers
C. standby route processors for SSO in the distribution routers
D. standby route processors for SSO in the access routers
E. replace copper links between devices with fiber links
Correct Answer: ADE

You are designing a network to support data, voice and video. Which two main factors will you address to improve network convergence? (Choose two.)
A. event propagation delay
B. failure detection delay
C. forwarding engine update delay
D. routing table recalculation delay
352-001 vce 
Correct Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit.
352-001 dumps
This diagram depicts the design of a small network that will run EIGRP on R1 and R2, and EIGRP Stub on R3. In which two ways will this network be impacted if there is link instability between R1 and R2? (Choose two.)
A. R1 will have routes in its routing table that originate from R2 and R3.
B. R3 will have routes in its routing table that originate from R1 and R2.
C. R2 will have routes in its routing table that originate from R1 and R3.
D. R3 will be transit for traffic between R1 and R2.
E. R3 will not be transit for traffic between R1 and R2.
Correct Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit.
352-001 dumps

In this BGP design, what is the next hop for on R8 and R7?
A. The next hop for on R7 is R8 and the next hop for R8 is R7.
B. The next hop for on R7 is R5 and the next hop for R8 is R6.
C. The next hop for on R7 is R6 and the next hop for R8 is R5.
D. The next hop for on R7 is R3 and the next hop for R8 is R4.
352-001 exam 
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
352-001 dumps

You are developing a migration plan to enable IPv6 in your IPv4 network. Starting at R3 and assuming default IS-IS operations, what is likely to happen when you enable IPv6 routing on the link from R3 to R2?
A. Only R3 and R2 have IPv4 and IPv6 reachability.
B. R2 receives an IPv6 default route from R3.
C. Loopback reachability between all routers for IPv4 is lost.
D. All routers except R2 are reachable through IPv4.
E. R3 advertises the link from R3-R2 to R1, R4 and R5 only.
Correct Answer: C

You are a network designer and are responsible for ensuring that the network you design is secure. How do you plan to prevent infected devices on your network from sourcing random DDoS attacks using forged source addresses?
A. ACL-based forwarding
B. ACL filtering by destination

C. Unicast RPF loose mode
D. Unicast RPF strict mode
352-001 dumps 
Correct Answer: D

Your design plan includes mutual redistribution of two OSPF networks at multiple locations, with connectivity to all locations in both networks. How is this accomplished without creating routing loops?
A. Use route maps on the ASBRs to allow only internal routes to be redistributed.
B. Use route maps on the ASBRs to allow internal and external routes to be redistributed.
C. Use route maps on the ASBRs to set tags for redistributed routes.
D. Use route maps on the ASBRs to filter routes with tags so they are not redistributed.
Correct Answer: D

A planned EBGP network will use OSPF to reach the EBGP peer addresses. Which of these conditions should be avoided in the design that could otherwise cause the peers to flap continuously?
A. An ACL blocks TCP port 179 in one direction.
B. IP addresses used to peer are also being sent via EBGP.
C. The OSPF area used for peering is nonbackbone (not area 0).
D. The routers are peered by using a default route sent by OSPF.
352-001 pdf 
Correct Answer: B

When designing a large full mesh network running OSPF, how would you reduce LSA repetition?
A. Elect a DR and BDR.
B. Use access control lists to control outbound advertisements.
C. Choose one or two routers to re-flood LSA information.
D. Put each of the point-to-point links in your full mesh networking into a separate area.
Correct Answer: C

A data center provider has designed a network using these requirements:
Two data center sites are connected to the public Internet.
Both data centers are connected to different Internet providers.
Both data centers are also directly connected with a private connection for the internal traffic, and public Internet traffic can also be routed at this direct connection. The data center provider has only one /19 public IP address block. Under normal conditions, Internet traffic should be routed directly to the data center where the services are located. When one Internet connection fails, the complete traffic for both data centers should be routed by using the remaining Internet connection. In which two ways can this routing be achieved? (Choose two.)
A. The data center provider must have an additional public IP address block for this routing.
B. One /20 block is used for the first data center and the second /20 block is used for the second data center. The /20 block from the local data center is sent out with a low BGP weight and the / 20 block from the remote data center is sent out with a higher BGP weight at both sites.
C. One /20 block is used for the first data center and the second /20 block is used for the second data center. The /20 block from the local data center is sent out without path prepending and the / 20 block from the remote data center is sent out with path prepending at both sites.
D. One /20 block is used for the first data center and the second /20 block is used for the second data center. Each /20 block is only sent out locally. The /19 block is sent out at both Internet connections for the backup case to reroute the traffic through the remaining Internet connection.
E. One /20 block is used for the first data center and the second /20 block is used for the second data center. The /20 block from the local data center is sent out with a low BGP local preference and the /20 block from the remote data center is sent out with a higher BGP local preference at both sites.
F. BGP will always load-balance the traffic to both data center sites.
352-001 vce 
Correct Answer: CD

Your network operations team is deploying Access Control Lists (ACLs) across your Internet gateways. They wish to place an ACL inbound on the Internet gateway interface facing the core network (the “trusted” interface). Which one of these addresses would the ACL need for traffic sourced from the inside interface, to match the source address of the traffic?
A. inside local
B. outside local
C. inside global
D. outside global
Correct Answer: A

During a corporate merger, a network designer is asked for a solution that will provide connectivity between the two enterprise networks. The solution must have the ability to support video sessions so that the CEO can message merger activities to the employees. The designer decides to consider multicast as a transport with MSDP to provide redundancy. Which transport feature does the network designer need to apply to the interconnecting firewall to ensure that Source-Active messages between the MSDP peers can be sent in both enterprise networks?
A. unicast over a UDP connection
B. multicast over a UDP connection
C. unicast over a TCP connection
D. multicast over a TCP connection
352-001 exam 
Correct Answer: C
352-001 dumps

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