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300-365 dumps

Welcome to Pass4itsure Blog: Free Cisco 300-365 Dumps(1-29)

1.Which three commands will update EMS configuration files when an exclusive commit command is issued from EMS? (Choose three.)
A. set server client trace=enabled
B.set server password=password
C.set server authorization=enabled
D. set server track_message_ids=enabled
E. set server routing=enabled
300-365 exam Answer: B,C,D

2.Which two actions are most likely to improve EMS server performance.? (Choose two.)
A. Adding an additional CPU to the server running EMS
B. Improving physical disk performance
C. Switching from a file-based store to a database store
D. Increasing network I/O capacity on the server

3.The company naming standard states that all queue names must start with the letter C. How can the administrator of the EMS server enforce this naming standard for dynamic queues?
A. By disabling creation of dynamic destinations in the tibemsd.conf file
B. By changing create-destination permission for users
C. By having c. > as the only entry with a wildcard in the queues.conf file
D. By setting a rule to add c. as a prefix to all dynamic queues
300-365 dumps Answer: C

4.Which two statements are true about the listen parameter? (Choose two.)
A. The listen parameter is set in the tibemsd.conf file.
B. Multiple listen parameters can be set in the TIBCO EMS configuration file.
C. TCP is the only protocol supported in the listen parameter.
D. The listen parameter is set in the transports, conf file.
Answer: A,B

5.Which two statements are true about selector functions? (Choose two.)
A. A selector’s conditional expression can refer to values of the message body.
B. They are available for use in the bridging functions, helping to reduce unnecessary network traffic.
C. They are useful when used in conjunction with topic browser functions.
D. They are available to control the flow of messages along a route.
300-365 pdf Answer: B,D

6.Which command displays message count delivered to a queue receiver?
A. Show consumers
B. Show receivers
C. Show connections
D. Show users
Answer: A

7.Which two statements are true about routing queue messages? (Choose two.)
A. Routed queue messages can travel to adjacent servers without reaching the home queue.
B. Each server in the route path must have its queue defined as global.
C. The concept of zones and hops does not apply to queue messages.
D. Queue messages can travel multiple hops.
300-365 vce Answer: B,C

8.An EMS server and client are receiving heartbeats. Given the following EMS server settings:
-client_timeout_server_connection = 20 seconds -server_timeout_client_connection = 10 seconds What are two possible outcomes? (Choose two.)
A. If EMS server does not receive heartbeats from a client for a period exceeding 10 seconds, the EMS server will close the connection.
B. If EMS server does not receive heartbeats from a client for a period exceeding 20 seconds, the EMS server will close the connection.
C. If a client does not receive heartbeats from EMS server for a period exceeding 10 seconds, the client will close the connection.
D. If a client does not receive heartbeats from EMS server for a period exceeding 20 seconds, the client will close the connection.

9.Which two conditions can cause messages in a queue to be moved to the undelivered queue? (Choose two.)
A. The number of delivery attempts has reached the limit defined for the queue.
B. The number of pending messages has reached the limit defined for the queue.
C. The length of time the message has been retained in the queue has exceeded the limit defined for the queue.
D. The overflow policy for the queue has been set to discard the oldest messages.
300-365 exam Answer:A,C

10.Which two statements are true about synchronous and asynchronous message consumption? (Choose two.)
A. For synchronous consumption, the message consumer explicitly invokes a receive call on the topic or queue.
B. The consumer can receive messages synchronously by registering a synchronous message listener to receive the messages.
C. When asynchronously receiving messages, the consumer remains blocked until a message arrives.
D. For asynchronous consumption, a message listener can be implemented that serves as an asynchronous event handler for messages.
Answer: B,C

11.Atopic sales, topic is bridged to two queues: FINANCE.Q and AUDIT.Q. Ten messages are sent on the topic SALES.TOPIC. A consumer reads ten messages from FINANCE.Q. How many messages are now in the AUDIT.Q?
A. zero
B. five
C. ten
D. twenty
300-365 dumps Answer: C

12.A dynamic queue named q1 has been created by an EMS client. What will be the result of executing the following command: create queue q1?
A. The command will fail saying the queue already exists.
B. The command will fail if queue has connected receivers.
C. The command will succeed and queue will be promoted to static.
D. The command will succeed and dynamic queue will be renamed.
Answer: C

13.How does a backup fault-tolerant server detect a failure of the primary fault-tolerant server?
A. TCP heartbeats sent from the primary server
B. TCP heartbeats sent from the backup server
C. Multicast heartbeats sent from the primary server
D. Multicast heartbeats sent from the backup server
300-365 pdf Answer:A

14.Which command creates a connection factory of type queue?
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: C

15.When a single message consumer is connected with an EMS server, which action can be used to improve message consumption?
A. Enabling automatic acknowledge of all messages by the session
B. Changing delivery mode from PERSISTENT to NON_PERSISTENT
C. Increasing the prefetch value
D. Creating another instance of EMS server
300-365 vce Answer: C

16. Consider a WebLogic Domain with an (external) LDAP Authentication Provider and multiple Authorization Providers. The Default WebLogic Auditing Provider is enabled. Authorization Providers can return a limited set of responses to requests for resource access. What are the possible responses from an Authorization Provider?
Answer: D

17. What happens to a JMS message that times out in a Queue?
A. The message is immediately delivered to the consumer.
B. The message is immediately returned to the producer.
C. The message is handled according to the expiration policy that is defined for the Queue.
D. The message is sent to a distributed destination.
E. The message is persisted to a JMS store.
300-365 exam Answer: C

18. A Web tier cluster is being created that will provide HttpSession failover with reasonable safety and
good scaling ability. The HttpSessions will contain serialized Java objects. Eight WebLogic server
instances will be running on four physical machines; there will be two WebLogic server instances per
physical machine. Part of the cluster, containing two physical machines, is located in one room; the other
two machines are located in another room. In this cluster, the Administration Server is located on its own
physical machine. If the Administration Server is not running, how can the Managed Servers start?
A. The Managed Servers must run in Managed Server Independence (MSI) mode.
B. The domain files must be copied to each Managed Server.
C. The MSI file must be present locally on each Managed Server.
D. A Managed Server CANNOT be started without an Administration Server.
E. Aand C
Answer: E

19. In order to migrate a failed Administration Server to another machine, which of the following is required?
A. Application data must be copied to (or shared with) the new machine.
B. You must use the NodeManager MIGRATE command, through weblogic.Admin or JMX.
C. Configuration and security data must be copied to (or shared with) the new machine.
D. Each Managed Server must be shut down and restarted.
E. Aand C
300-365 dumps Answer: E

20. Which of the following methods can CANNOT be used to determine the version number and service pack of the currently-executing WebLogic Server instance?
A. The WebLogic Console
B. The version.txt file
C. weblogic.Admin
D. The Server log
E. Aand B
Answer: B

21. To configure a Network Channel, which of the following are required?
A. Name, Multicast Address, Listen Address
B. Name, Protocol and Listen Port
C. Name, Listen Address and Listen Port
D. Name, Multicast Address, Listen Address and Listen Port
E. Name, Protocol, Listen Address and Listen Port
300-365 pdf Answer: E

22. Which of the following accurately describes a message producer sending messages to a JMS Distributed Queue with round-robin style Load Balancing enabled?
A. All messages are sent on all member queues.
B. All messages are sent on one queue.
C. Messages are distributed, round-robin style, among the member queues.
D. The first message is distributed, round-robin style, among the member queues; subsequent messages are sent on one queue.
E. Aand C
Answer: C

23. Which of the following is NOT a security feature of NodeManager?
A. Limiting connections to specific hosts
B. Password expiration
C. Transport security with SSL
D. Digital Certificates for authentication
E. Reverse DNS for host verification
300-365 vce Answer: B

24. A cluster is defined that consists of six WebLogic servers running an enterprise application: a Web application and a JAR file with some EJBs. In-memory session replication is enabled for the Web application and the EJBs. All the EJBs are clusterable (home and remote stubs). The round-robin algorithm is used to balance the load across the servers. If the Web application acquires a remote interface to a Stateless Session Bean and calls one of its methods three times, which of the following is true?
A. Each method call is invoked on an EJB instance that is on the same server as the Web application
B. Each method call is invoked on the same EJB instance, on the same server as the Web application.
C. The method calls are distributed, round-robin style, among the servers.
D. The behavior depends on the idempotence of the EJB’s method.
E. The behavior depends on whether JNDI replication is enabled.
Answer: A

25. Why would you consider configuring a Domain-wide Administration Port?
A. To segregate administrative traffic
B. So that each server does not require a unique administration port
C. To force SSL access to the WebLogic Console
D. To allow VPN access to the Administration Server
E. Aand C
300-365 exam Answer: E

26.Nextair Corporation plans to keep running BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1.6 in Chicago and install version 5.0 in Los Angeles. They plan on performing a phased migration between the two sites. Both BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances will share an SQL database. What must be considered for this upgrade? (Choose one)
A. It requires an additional SRP
B. All users on BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1.6 are disabled until migrated
C. Each BlackBerry Enterprise Server instance will have its own BlackBerry Domain
D. All BlackBerry device users are migrated at the same time
Answer: A

27.Given the scenario, what is the proper role to assign the head administrator in the New York office? (Choose one)
A. Enterprise Administrator
B. Security Administrator
C. Monitoring System Administrator
D. Senior Helpdesk Administrator
300-365 dumps Answer: B

28.Given the scenario, which BlackBerry Enterprise Server component should be installed in New York to allow for management of the BlackBerry solution? (Choose one)
A. BlackBerry Monitoring Service
B. BlackBerry Alert Service
C. BlackBerry Administration Service
D. BlackBerry Policy Service
E. BlackBerry Manager
Answer: C

29.Since the sales application is mission-critical, what can be done to ensure its content is always delivered to the BlackBerry device users? (Choose one)
A. Configure a secondary pool of BlackBerry MDS Connection Services
B. Configure one primary pool of BlackBerry MDS Connection Services
C. Put the MDS Integration Service Database in a separate server
D. Create a pool of BlackBerry MDS Integration Services
300-365 pdf Answer: B
300-365 dumps

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