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Vendor: Lpi
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Exam Name: LPIC-2 Exam 202 Part 2 of 2 version 4.5
Updated: Jan 21, 2021
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Which Squid configuration directive defines the authentication method to use?
A. auth_param
B. auth_method
C. auth_program
D. auth_mechanism
E. proxy_auth
Correct Answer: A

Which TWO of the following statements about the tcp_wrappers configuration files are correct?
A. Both files must be edited, to get tcp_wrappers to work properly
B. It is possible to configure tcp_wrappers using just one file
C. (x) inetd requires these files
D. All programs that provide network services use these files to control access
E. tcpd uses these files to control access to network services
Correct Answer: BE

Running sysctl has the same effect as:
A. Changing the kernel compilation parameters
B. Writing to files inside /proc
C. Changing process limits using ulimit
D. Editing files inside /etc/sysconfig
E. There is no equivalent to this utility
Correct Answer: B

What happens when the Linux kernel can\\’t mount the root filesystem when booting?
A. An error message is shown, showing which device couldn\\’t be mounted or informing that init couldn\\’t be found.
B. An error message is shown and the system reboots after a keypress.
C. An error message is shown and the system boots in maintenance mode.
D. An error message is shown and the administrator is asked to specify a valid root filesystem to continue the boot
E. An error message is shown, stating that the corresponding kernel module couldn\\’t be loaded.
Correct Answer: A

When connecting to an SSH server for the first time, its fingerprint is received and stored in a file, which is located at:
A. ~/ .ssh/fingerprints
B. ~/ .ssh/id_dsa
C. ~/ .ssh/known_hosts
D. ~/ .ssh/id_dsa.pub
E. ~/ .ssh/gpg.txt
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following are Samba security modes or levels? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. ads
B. data
C. ldap
D. network
E. share
Correct Answer: AE

After changing /etc/exports on a server, remote hosts are still unable to mount the exported directories. What should be
the next action? Please select TWO correct answers.
A. Restart the NFS daemon
B. Run exportfs -a on the server
C. Run exportfs -f on the server
D. Run showmount -a on the server
E. Restart the remote hosts
Correct Answer: BC

What option in the sshd configuration file instructs sshd to permit only specific user names to log in to a system?
(Specify ONLY the option name without any values.)
Correct Answer: allowusers, AllowUsers

Where is the user foo\\’s procmail configuration stored, if home directories are stored in /home? Please enter the
complete path to the file.
A. /home/foo/.procmailrc
Correct Answer: A

Messages from programs are not appearing in the user\\’s native language. What environment variable must be set for
this to happen?
B. I18N
Correct Answer: A

Which action in a Sieve filter forwards a message to another email address without changing the message? (Specify
ONLY the action\\’s name without any parameters.)
Correct Answer: redirect

Which tool creates a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for serving HTTPS with Apache HTTPD?
A. apachect1
B. certgen
C. cartool
D. httpsgen
E. openssl
Correct Answer: E

Which of the following options can be passed to a DHCP client machine using configuration options on the DHCP
A. The NIS domain name
B. The resolving order in /etc/resolv.conf
C. The priority order in nsswitch.conf
D. The filter rules for iptables
E. The contents of hosts.allow and hosts.deny
Correct Answer: A

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