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Get the latest Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops 210-250 pdf

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The latest Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops 210-250 exam practice questions test your strength

For which purpose can Windows management instrumentation be used?
A. Remote viewing of a computer
B. Remote blocking of malware on a computer
C. Remote reboot of a computer
D. Remote start of a computer
Correct Answer: A


What is one of the advantages of the mandatory access control (MAC) model?
A. Easy and scalable.
B. Stricter control over the information access.
C. The owner can decide whom to grant access to.
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following are public key standards?
B. PKCS #10
C. PKCS #12
D. ISO33012
Correct Answer: BC


A zombie process occurs when which of the following happens?
A. A process holds its associated memory and resources but is released from the entry table.
B. A process continues to run on its own.
C. A process holds on to associate memory but releases resources.
D. A process releases the associated memory and resources but remains in the entry table.
Correct Answer: D


In which case should an employee return his laptop to the organization?
A. When moving to a different role
B. Upon termination of the employment
C. As described in the asset return policy
D. When the laptop is end of lease
Correct Answer: C


In which technology is network level encrypted not natively incorporated?
A. Kerberos
B. ssl
C. tls
D. IPsec
Correct Answer: A


Drag the data source on the left to the left to the correct data type on the right.
Select and Place:pass4itsure 210-250 exam question q7

Correct Answer:

pass4itsure 210-250 exam question q7-1


Which three statements about host-based IPS are true? (Choose three.)
A. It can view encrypted files.
B. It can have more restrictive policies than network-based IPS.
C. It can generate alerts based on behavior at the desktop level.
D. It can be deployed at the perimeter.
E. It uses signature-based policies.
F. It works with deployed firewalls.
Correct Answer: ABC

At which OSI layer does a router typically operate?
A. Transport
B. Network
C. Data link
D. Application
Correct Answer: B


Which description is an example of whaling?
A. When attackers target specific individuals
B. When attackers target a group of individuals
C. When attackers go after the CEO
D. When attackers use fraudulent websites that look like legitimate ones
Correct Answer: C


Which purpose of a security risk assessment is true?
A. Find implementation issues that could lead to vulnerability
B. Notify the customer of a vulnerability
C. Set the SIR value of a vulnerability
D. Score a vulnerability
Correct Answer: A


You must create a vulnerability management framework. Which main purpose of this framework is true?
A. Conduct vulnerability scans on the network.
B. Manage a list of reported vulnerabilities.
C. Identify, remove and mitigate system vulnerabilities.
D. Detect and remove vulnerabilities in source code.
Correct Answer: C


As per RFC 1035 which transport layer protocol is used for DNS zone transfer?
Correct Answer: D

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