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The latest Cisco CCNA Collaboration 210-065 exam practice questions test your strength

In locally managed mode, what is the maximum number of 720p HD video ports in a Cisco MSE 8710 Cisco
TelePresence Server cluster running version 4.0?
A. 48
B. 60
C. 72
D. 84
E. 96
F. 108
Correct Answer: E

An end user reports that when making B2B calls, the calls are connecting, however, no audio or video is being received
by either party. Local calls work fine.
Which two areas must be investigated? (Choose two.)
A. VCS traversal zone
B. endpoint traversal mode
C. far end camera control
D. firewall configurations
E. DNS configuration
Correct Answer: BD

Which type of Cisco VCS log shows call routing decisions that are made based on Cisco VCS search rules?
A. Event Log
B. Configuration Log
C. Network Log
D. System Log
Correct Answer: C
Network Log The Network Logs are similar to the Event Logs, in that they both show SIP and H.323 messaging.
However the Network Logs also shows call routing decisions made based on the VCS search rules.

An engineer must set the unlock time for the current Cisco Unified Communications manager admin account to 2
Which CLI command accomplishes this task?
A. set accountlocking count 2
B. set accountlocking unlocktime 2
C. set accountlocking count 120
D. set accountlocking unlocktime 120
Correct Answer: D

Which two Cisco TelePresence protocols are supported for content sharing in point-to-point and multipoint meetings?
(Choose two.)
C. Switched Presentation
D. Auto Collaboration
E. H.323
Correct Answer: AD

Refer to the exhibit.pass4itsure 210-065 exam question q6

Which tab can be used in order to check the call statistics for the Cisco TelePresence Codec C60?
A. Diagnostics
B. Configuration
C. Call Control
D. Maintenance
E. The GUI cannot be used to view call statistics.
Correct Answer: C

A customer is looking for a video conference solution that includes video streaming. What are the two devices that when
used together, provide streaming capability? (Choose two.)
D. MCU 4500
Correct Answer: BD

An engineer is deploying a Cisco Media Experience Engine 3500 to provide various capabilities for ingesting and
processing video media and production capabilities. Which two advances does the Cisco MXE 3500 provide? (Choose
A. automated graphical integration that can embed metadata overlays on videos during processing
B. over 2 terabytes of storage for both local and streaming media applications
C. automated ingesting of video files based on watch folders
D. clustering capability of up to 20 resource nodes to handle and balance incoming media requests and processing
E. live output abilities to provide DV, DVC Pro, DVC Pro 50, and DVC Pro HD format streams
F. ability to create VoD file outputs to WebEx ARF format
Correct Answer: AC

What is the maximum number of Cisco TelePresence MCU 5300 devices that can be stacked, while still ensuring their
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Correct Answer: A

A customer is requesting a distance learning environment that provides live video of the instructor and the students, a
physical document, and a PC presentation, all combined in one video feed. The instructor should be able to customize
the layout from a PC. To fulfill this request, which two components are required? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco TelePresence Codec C90
B. Cisco TelePresence MCU
C. Cisco TelePresence Codec C40
D. Cisco TC Console
E. four cameras
Correct Answer: BD

Which scheduling and management application can be installed on any hardware platform that meets the minimum
specifications that the end customer decides to deploy?
A. Cisco Video Communications
B. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
C. Cisco Digital Media Manager
D. Cisco TelePresence Management Switch
E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

pass4itsure 210-065 exam question q12

Which kind of profile is shown?
A. TC WebAdmin H.323 Profile
B. TC WebAdmin SIP Profile
C. TX WebAdmin SIP Profile
D. TC WebAdmin Conference Profile
Correct Answer: B

Which CLI command must the engineer run on the SX20 to verify its registration status?
A. xCommand
B. xStatus
C. xConfiguration
D. xEvent
Correct Answer: B
Reference: page 154

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