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300-550 dumps

Welcome to Pass4itsure Blog: Free Cisco 300-550 Dumps(1-30)

1.You wish to communicate with hosts on your wide-area network. Which of the following is the exact sequence of commands used to manually configure an Ethernet interface, assuming driver modules are not loaded?
A. lsmod, insmod, ifconfig
B. insmod, ifconfig, route
C. lsmod, rmmod, insmod, ifconfig
D. ifconfig, route
300-550 exam Answer: B

2.Which of the following are TRUE about buffer size? (Choose two.)
A. A large buffer can lead to wasted system memory.
B. A small buffer can lead to slower data transfer lines.
C. Having a small buffer will free system memory, allocating fewer registers.
D. The larger the buffer, the faster the transfer rate, reducing time arrival jitter.
Answer: AB

3.Which of the following is TRUE concerning the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)?
A. It binds a physical address to a broadcast address.
B. It binds a MAC (Media Access Control) address to a logical address.
C. It binds a logical address to an IP address.
D. It binds a MAC (Media Access Control) address to a physical address.
300-550 dumps Answer: B

4.Which of the following can tunneling be used for?
A. It can connect two IPX networks separated by some different network.
B. It can connect two IPv4 networks separated by some different network.
C. It can provide mobile IP support and amateur radio support.
D. It can connect two IPv6 networks separated by some different network.
E. All of the above.
Answer: E

5.Which of the following commands will allow you to view the ARP table when the configured name server is not functioning? (Choose the best answer.)
A. arp -v
B.arp -a
C.arp -n
D.arp -s
300-550 pdf Answer: C

6.Which of the following can you do with the “ping” command? (Choose two.)
A. Determine if a remote host can be contacted.
B. Create and modify (n)x-u NIS network maps.
C. View the MAC address of a given host.
D. Display the route along which an IP packet travels.
Answer: AD

7.A default policy of DENY and ACCEPT may be implemented for a system’s ipchains. Which of the following options will change the default input policy to DENY?
A. ipchains -a input DENY
B.ipchains -a output DENY
C.ipchains -P input DENY
D.ipchains -all input DENY
E.ipchains -input DENY
300-550 vce Answer: C

8.inetd is responsible for waiting for new network requests and authenticating users based on the contents of the “inetd.conf” file.
Answer: B

9.Telnet was developed as a continuation of what other communications program developed for ARPANET? (Select the best answer.)
A. rpc
E. mutt
F. None of the above
300-550 exam Answer: D

10.Which path accurately depicts a three-way handshake between Network X and Network Y for establishing a TCP connection? (Select the best answer.)
A. X sends SYN to Y; Y sends SYN to X; X sends ACK to Y
B. X sends SYN to Y; Y sends two SYNs to X; X sends ACK to Y
C. X sends ACK to Y; Y sends SYN to X ; X sends ACK to Y
D. X sends SYN to Y; Y sends ACK to X ; X sends ACK to Y
E. X sends ACK to Y; Y sends SYN and ACK to X; X sends ACK to Y
Answer: D

11.Which of the following is FALSE concerning TCP, IP, and UDP? (Select the best answer.)
A. Transport Control Protocol (TCP) supports unicast addressing.
B. User Datagram Protocol (UDP) supports unicast addressing.
C. TCP supports multicasting.
D. UDP supports multicasting.
E. Internet Protocol (IP) supports multicasting.
300-550 dumps Answer: C

12.Typical implementations of ping use the to send echo requests to other hosts.
A. Internet Protocol (IP)
B. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
C. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
D. Transport Control Protocol (TCP)
Answer: B

13.Because of flow control, UDP will generally lead to network congestion, while TCP helps prevent congestion.
A. True
300-550 pdf Answer: A

14.Assume that a software company has a subnet address How many possible hosts can this subnet support, and what is the network address for the subnet?
A. 64;
B. 254;
C. 255;
D. 256;
E. 128;
Answer: B

15.If a machine has an IP address of and the netmask is, what is its subnet address?
300-550 vce Answer: C

16.Which of the following subnet masks is usually associated with a Class A IP address?
Answer: C

17.Which of the following host IP addresses are on networks normally reserved for intranets? (Choose three.)
300-550 exam Answer: ACD

18.For a Class C network, which of the following denotes a valid host address on the network?
Answer: B

19.Which of the following statements is TRUE about the subnet mask?
A. Another name for the subnet mask is the subnet address.
B. In the subnet mask, zeros represent the host ID and ones represent the network ID.
C. In the subnet mask, ones represent the host ID and zeros represent the network ID.
D. The subnet mask is used to aid in name resolution for root name servers.
300-550 dumps Answer: B

20.Which Resource Record allows the redirecting of mail to another host, assuming the correct accounts exist?
Answer: E

21.A customer wants to use the same wage type for a special payment such as hazardous pay and have the rate vary by personnel area. What do you have to configure?
A. Modif W and the table V_T539J (Base wage type valuation)
B. Modif 4 and the table V_T510S (Time wage type selection)
C. Modif 2 and the table V_T510J (Constant valuations)
D. Modif A and the table V_T554C (Absence valuation)
300-550 pdf Answer: C

22.A customer continues to pay some employees for a period of time after they are terminated. These employees should also be processed in retro calculation runs. What do you recommend?
A. Terminate the employee with the future date up to which you want to continue regular processing and use the payroll driver to force any retro runs.
B. Terminate the employee and enter the date up to which you want to continue processing payroll in the Accounted to field on IT0003.
C. Terminate the employee and enter the date up to which you want to continue processing payroll in the Run Payroll up to field on IT0003.
D. Terminate the employee with the future date up to which you want to continue payroll processing so they are included in regular and retro runs.
Answer: C

23.Your customer wants to automate off-cycle payroll tasks such as printing forms, execution of posting run, and printing checks. Which tool is best suited for this?
A. Payroll control record
B. Off-Cycle Workbench
C. HR Process Workbench
D. Interface Toolbox
300-550 vce Answer: C

24.A customer asks you to configure an average calculation rule for hourly workers. The rule should determine an average daily overtime rate derived from all overtime earned during the previous three months. Any retroactive changes in pay should be included. What do you have to include in the configuration of the rule? (Choose three.)
A. Final processing rule
B. Cumulation rule
C. Time wage type selection rule
D. Adjustment rule
E. Processing class 01 rule
Answer: A, B, D

25.A customer is concerned that WPBP splits on the IT input table may lead to overpayments. What explanations do you provide to address their concerns? (Choose two.)
A. WPBP splits occur when an employee enters or leaves the company during a pay period. They are
used to prorate their pay accordingly.
B. WPBP splits occur when an employee’s organizational assignment changes. They are used to
allocate personnel costs to the correct cost center.
C. WPBP splits occur when an employee’s address changes during a pay period. They are used to
allocate benefit deductions to the correct provider.
D. WPBP splits occur when an employee’s bank information changes during a pay period. They are
used to allocate payments to the correct account.
300-550 exam Answer: A, B

26.Which of the following modules integrates with SAP Learning Solution?(Choose three.)
A. Financial Accounting
B. Sales and Distribution
C. Compensation
D. Business Warehouse
E. Travel Management
Answer: A, B, D

27.Which of the following components are included in SAP ERP Talent Management? (Choose three.)
A. Learning Solution
B. Pension Management
C. SAP E-Recruiting
D. Time Management
E. Performance Management
300-550 dumps Answer: A, C, E

28.The SAP ERP Human Capital Management system stores all employee master data in infotype records. What can you use to process infotype records? (Choose three.)
A. Initial entry maintenance
B. Fast entry
C. Overview entry
D. Personnel actions
E. Single screen maintenance
Answer: B, D, E

29.A customer asks you about the different Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions available in SAP. Which solutions belong to SAP HCM? (Choose three.)
A. Capacity Planning
B. Workforce Process Management
C. Talent Management
D. End User Service Delivery (MSS/ESS)
E. Task and Resource Management
300-550 pdf Answer: B, C, D

30.What is the principal purpose of employee subgroup groupings in SAP Human Capital Management?
A. They are the most important control indicators in the personnel structure.
B. They control default values for infotype fields.
C. They control the security of the enterprise structure.
D. They define the selection criteria for absences and attendances.
Answer: A
300-550 dumps

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