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640-692 dumps

Welcome to Pass4itsures Blog: Free Cisco 640-692 Dumps(44-70)

Which of the following is a DTE device?
A. router
C. cable modem
D. DSL modem
640-692 exam 
Correct Answer: A

Which two of the following statements are true about a switch? (Choose two)
A. It is a repeater.
B. It is a data link layer device.
C. It will forward the frame out all ports when it receives a broadcast from a host.
D. It reads the destination MAC address to forward traffic out the appropriate port.
E. It acts as an amplifier.
Correct Answer: BD

Which of the following best describes the cable that is used to connect a laptop to an Ethernet port on a Cisco router?
A. Crossover
B. Straight-through
C. Fiber
D. Rollover
640-692 dumps 
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
640-692 dumps

Which type of cable us used on the ATM card?
A. Fiber-optic BNC
B. Coaxial
C. Serial
D. Crossover

Correct Answer: B

What are two features that are associated with single-mode fiber-optic cable? (Choose two.)
A. a single strand of glass fiber
B. carries higher bandwidth than multimode fiber
C. cost is less than multimode fiber
D. operates over less distance than multimode fiber
640-692 pdf 
Correct Answer: AB

QUESTION 49 John works as a Network Administrator for Perfect Solutions Inc. The company has a Linux-based network. John is working as a root user on the Linux operating system. He wants to break a dat a.txt file, 200MB in size, into two files in which the size of the first file named data.txt.aa should be150MB and that of the second file named data.txt.ab should be 50MB. To accomplish his task and to further delete the data.txt file, he enters the following command: split –verbose -b 150m data.txt data.txt. ; rm -vf data.txt Which of the following commands can John use to join the splitted files into a new data.txt file?
A. vi data.txt.*
B. less data.txt.* > data.txt
C. cat data.txt.* > data.txt

D. vi data.txt.* > data.txt
Answer: C

QUESTION 50 Mark is a newly appointed Network Technician for McNeil Inc. The company has a Linux-based network. He is working on the Red Hat operating system. He wants to sort a file named marketing.txt in the reverse alphabetical order. Which of the following commands should Mark use to accomplish this task?
A. sort -u marketing.txt
B. sort marketing.txt
C. sort -n marketing.txt
D. sort -r marketing.txt
640-692 vce Answer: D

QUESTION 51 Which of the following commands is used to securely copy files from one host to another over the network?
A. ls

B. cat
C. mutt
D. scp
Answer: D

QUESTION 52 Fill in the blank with the appropriate tool. is a public domain collection of tools to allow Unix systems to manipulate MS-DOS files: read, write, and move around files on an MSDOS file system.
A. mtools
640-692 exam Answer: A

QUESTION 53 Which of the following commands will you use to list all local and remote printers attached to your computer?
A. lpq
B. lpstat -d
C. lpstat -t
D. lpr
Answer: C

Jane is the project manager of the GBB project for her company. In the current project a vendor has offered the project a ten percent discount based if they will order 100 units for the project. It is possible that the GBB Project may need the 100 units, but the cost of the units is not a top priority for the project. Jane documents the offer and tells the vendor that they will keep the offer in mind and continue with the project as planned. What risk response has been given in this project?
A. Acceptance
B. Enhance
C. Exploiting
D. Sharing
640-692 dumps 
Correct Answer: A

You are the project manager of the GHE Project. You have identified the following risks with the characteristics as shown in the following figure: How much capital should the project set aside for the risk contingency reserve?
A. $142,000
B. $41,750
C. $23,750
D. $232,000
Correct Answer: C

You are project manager for ABD project. You, with your team, are working on the following activities: Probabilistic analysis of a project. Probability of achieving cost and time objectives. Trends in Qualitative Risk Analysis results. On which of the following processes are you working on?
A. Plan Risk Management
B. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
C. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
D. Identify Risks
640-692 pdf 
Correct Answer: B

Which version of SNMP traps can the Cascade Profiler and Cascade Express send?
A. SNMPv1 Only
B. SNMPv2 Only
C. SNMPv1 and SNMPv2
D. SNMPv1 and SNMPv3
Correct Answer: D

When working with capture job traces on a Cascade Shark appliance from Cascade Pilot:
A. Views should always be applied directly to the job trace.
B. Trace clips should first be created, and views applied to them.
C. Packets should be exported from the capture job trace before beginning analysis.
D. The capture job trace should first be indexed by right-clicking on it and selecting “Index”.
640-692 vce 
Correct Answer: B

Cascade Profiler is reporting the traffic on Steelhead optimized flows separately than the connections on tcp/7800 between two Steelheads. In other words, from Cascade you see flows for traffic on various ports used natively by the clients and servers across the steelhead as well as flows for tcp/7800. What does this indicate?
A. This is normal in optimization environments and provides the proper reporting of traffic volume between locations.
B. This indicates that Flow data is being reported on the optimized connection, between Steelheads and has no impact on reporting.
C. This indicates that Flow data is being reported on the optimized connection, between Steelheads and can lead to Cascade double-counting volumes between locations.
D. This cannot happen.
Correct Answer: C

In the Cascade Profiler GUI, where can you mark a TCP port as a Server Port?
A. Definitions->Host Groups
B. Definitions->Applications
C. Definitions->Port Names
D. Definitions->Port Groups
E. Integration->Switch Port Discovery
640-692 exam 
Correct Answer: C

In defining a user defined policy on Cascade Profiler that triggers when the aggregate connection rate from any internal host to all external hosts exceeds a certain threshold, one has entered “within internal” for host/group A and “outside internal” for host/group B. How should the statistics be tracked for host/group A and B?
A. host/group A “Track in aggregate” host/group B “track per host”.
B. host/group A “track per host” host/group B “track in aggregate”.
C. host/group A “track in aggregate” host/group B “track in aggregate”.
D. host/group A “track per user” host/group B “track per user”.
E. a user defined policy cannot support this scenario because it involves tracking traffic to external hosts.
Correct Answer: B

How does Cascade Profiler obtain switch port discovery and population information?
A. Switch Port Discovery Protocol (SPDP)
B. Merging of CAM + ARP tables, both gathered via SNMP
C. Merging of IF and ARP tables, both gathered via SNMP
D. Merging of IF and CAM tables, both gathered via SNMP
640-692 dumps 
Correct Answer: B

Some common protocols which may be observed on a network with visibility tools are listed below. Match the protocol name with the most common port used.
1. HTTP a) TCP/25
2. HTTPS b) TCP/445
3. HTTPS through a proxy c) TCP/443
4. SMTP d) TCP/80
5. CIFS e) TCP/8080
A. 1-d; 2-b; 3-c; 4-a; 5-b
B. 1-e; 2-c; 3-d; 4-a; 5-b
C. 1-d; 2-c; 3-e; 4-b; 5-a
D. 1-d; 2-c; 3-e; 4-a; 5-b
E. 1-e; 2-d; 3-c ; 4-b; 5-a
Correct Answer: D

How many Host Group Types can be tracked on the Dashboard within the Cascade Profiler GUI?
A. Unlimited
B. Ten
C. Four
D. Twenty
640-692 pdf 
Correct Answer: C

What is the maximum number of custom applications (Layer 4 and 7 combined) permitted to be defined on a single Cascade Profiler?
A. 50
B. 75
C. 100
D. 125
E. Unlimited
Correct Answer: C

A packet capture (pcap) file that is loaded into Cascade Pilot for the first time is indexed:
A. When the file is opened in Cascade Pilot for analysis.
B. When the file is imported into Cascade Pilot for analysis.
C. When the first view is applied to the file.
D. When “Add Trend Index” is selected from a right-click menu within Cascade Pilot.
E. When the file is copied onto a Cascade Shark appliance.
640-692 vce 
Correct Answer: D

If there is a Layer 7 fingerprint and a Layer 4 mapping for a particular application, which of the following is truE. (Select 5)
A. If the Layer 4 mapping override policy is not “Unknown/Unclassified”, the Layer 4 mapping applies to flows not passing a Sensor or other application fingerprinting device as well as to flows not matching 
any defined Layer 7 fingerprint
B. If the Layer 4 mapping override policy is “Always”, then the Layer 7 fingerprint will never be used for flows matching both criteria
C. If the Layer 4 mapping override policy is “Unclassified”, the Layer 4 mapping only applies to flows not passing a Sensor or other application fingerprinting device
D. If the Layer 4 mapping override policy is “Unknown/Unclassified”, the Layer 4 mapping applies to flows not passing a Sensor or other application fingerprinting device as well as to flows not matching any defined Layer 7 fingerprint
E. Care must be taken when defining reports and policies to reflect overlapping definitions and the Layer 4 override policy
F. The traffic Expression “app L7_fingerprint or app L4_mapping” will catch all traffic flows for the application data in a report
Correct Answer: BCDEF

Technologies used for switching traffic between Virtual Machines under ESXi include:
A. Traffic between Virtual machines is not switched; it is routed by the standard vRouter included with ESXi
B. A standard or distributed vSwitch which comes with ESXi must be used, there is not 3rd party software available
C. A 3rd party virtual switch is required such as the CISCO Nexus 1000v as no standard vSwitch exists with ESXi
D. The included standard vSwitch of the CISCO Nexus 7000
E. The included standard vSwitch or the CISCO Nexus 1000v
640-692 exam 
Correct Answer: E

Simple Network Management Protocol can be used on Cascade Profiler for:
A. Accessing the Cascade Profiler’s MIB by third-party applications for monitoring.
B. Obtaining interface information from routers.
C. Obtaining host MAC address information from switches.
D. Obtaining network device status through the Cascade Profiler receiving SNMP traps.
E. A, B, and D.
Correct Answer: E

The Cascade Profiler authenticates users before logging them in. What are the possible choices for authentication? (Select 3)
A. Cascade Profiler local database
B. User account specifies authentication by RADIUS
D. RADIUS server to authenticate the user
640-692 dumps 
Correct Answer: ABD

640-692 dumps

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